Classic Series Acrylic Urethane


Classic Series Acrylic Urethane Topcoat is available in 10 different pre-mixed colors for situations that require a premium-quality automotive-grade finish. This single-stage paint system features activated urethane technology for maximum exterior durability and long-lasting protection.


Prep surfaces by removing all traces of wax, grease, silicone, oil and other contaminants with a detergent wash, followed with a solvent-based cleaner. Abrade surface with 600-800 grit sandpaper to ensure proper adhesion. Re-clean with a final prep cleaner. Tack entire surface.


Thoroughly shake, then stir Classic Series Acrylic Urethane Topcoat. To ensure color consistency when working with multiple gallons, it is always recommended to blend the contents of all gallons together prior to mixing. Mix with Classic Series Acrylic Urethane Activator 3:1 by volume (3 parts paint, 1 part activator). Always choose the correct speed activator based on temperature, air flow, size of the job and other conditions. In general, UMA27 is designed for use when air temperature is below 80°F. USA28 is designed for larger jobs, or work in temperatures above 80°F. Though not recommended, some reduction may help with flow and leveling, especially in warmer conditions. Be sure to choose only a high-quality urethane-grade reducer (and select the appropriate speed for the conditions) and reduce the mixture by no more than 10%. Using the correct speed activator and reducer will reduce the risk of application errors including runs, orange peel, die back, wrinkling, solvent pop and more.



Pot life of paint once mixed with hardener is approximately 2 hours at 70°F.



Use an HVLP gun with a 1.2—1.4 mm tip and 8-10 psi at the cap. Refer to spray equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for further information. Apply 2-3 medium wet coats as necessary to achieve the desired coverage, allowing 5-10 minutes for each coat to flash before applying the next. Additional flash time may be required depending on temperature, air flow, film thickness and other factors. A final drop coat may be applied immediately after the previous wet coat to help set an even metallic/pearl pattern. A dry film thickness of 2 mils is recommended. Be sure to spray even, consistent coats with proper technique. For metallic and pearl colors, consistent application technique is critical to prevent mottling and other inconsistencies in the finish. Uneven coats resulting in wet/dry areas will create the appearance of striping or spotting. Classic Series Acrylic Urethane colors may be clearcoated for further improved durability, gloss and reparability. Another option is integrating clearcoat into the final coat of Acrylic Urethane color once complete coverage has been achieved.


Classis Series Acrylic Urethane will flash in a matter of minutes and dry tackfree in less than an hour depending on temperature, air movement, film thickness and other factors. Wait overnight to tape or polish. May be force-dried for 40 minutes at 140°F after a five-minute flash.


Close all containers tightly after each use. Clean gun and spray equipment with gun wash or other appropriate solvent product immediately after application to prevent damage. Keep in mind, UMA27 and USA28 Activators have a limited shelf life once containers have been opened and materials are exposed to air. Containers should be closed tightly, with a clean seal, as soon as possible after use. Store these products in a dry place, at a consistent temperature to prevent any moisture from condensing inside the can.


Classic Series Acrylic Urethane may be polished the day after application, depending on temperature, air movement, film thickness and other factors. To polish, sand with 1500 grit to open the film and remove any imperfections in the finish. Follow with 2000 grit to remove 1500 grit scratches, then use a high quality finishing compound followed by a finishing glaze applied by hand or with a variable speed buffer. Take care when sanding metallic and pearl colors, only lightly abrading the film surface to avoid cutting too deep and damaging the effect particles.



Wear appropriate, properly fitted fresh-air-supplied NIOSH/MSHA-approved respirator (TC-19C or equivalent) as directed by the manufacturer. Protect hands with impervious nitrile gloves. Always wear eye and face protection. Individuals with lung or breathing problems should neither use nor be exposed to this product, its vapors or spray mist. READ ALL WARNINGS ON ALL LABELS BEFORE USING. This product is designed to be mixed with other components. Mixture will have hazards of all components. Before opening the packages, read all warning labels. Follow all precautions. See Material Safety Data Sheet for additional health and safety information.


This product is manufactured from first-class material. Directions for use of this system are based on tests, information and experience believed to be reliable. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller has control over the methods and/ or conditions of use or actual application of this product. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of this product for its intended use. Product warranty shall be limited to the replacement of defective materials only. No other warranty is expressed or implied. The buyer and all users are deemed to have accepted the terms of this notice, which may not be varied.

WARRANTY PHYSICALS PRODUCT: Automotive topcoat (National Rule Compliant) PACKAGE: 3/4 U.S. Gallon/96 fl. oz. (2.84 Liters)                                                            MAX VOC ALLOWED: Not to exceed 5.0 lbs/gallon (ready for use)                         ACTUAL VOC (as supplied): Varies by color                                                   REGULATORY VOC (as supplied): Varies by color



May be recoated anytime after the previous coat has flashed, or up to 18 hours after application of last coat. After 18-hour recoat window has elapsed and film has cured, surface must be abraded and cleaned prior to recoating. Classic Series Acrylic Urethane may be clear coated for improved durability and gloss following the same recommended recoat procedure outlined above. 

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