Au-ve-co® NUTSERT® 12982 Thin Sheet Nut Insert, M5x0.8 Thread, 11.81 mm L, Steel, Zinc-Plated

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The Au-ve-co® thin sheet nutsert has been designed to provide a highly efficient method of securing threads from one side of the work, in materials generally too thin to support threads. Its performance has been proven in plastic, aluminum, mild steel and fiberglass. They can also withstand high loads without vibrating or loosening under extreme operating conditions. The Au-ve-co® thin sheet nutsert is a tension fastener with high pull out, insuring no rotation or vibration where a cover plate is used. The system's unique blind tooling installs TSNs at consistent rates using unskilled labor.
Au-ve-co® NUTSERT® Thin Sheet Nut Insert, M5x0.8 Thread, Regular Pitch Metric Thread, 3 Thread Class, 11.81 mm Length, 9/32 in Drill, 7.14 to 7.24 mm Hole Diameter, 8.13 mm Diameter Head, 7.11 mm Body Diameter, Steel, Zinc-Plated, Applicable Materials: Aluminum, Fiberglass, Plastic, Mild Steel, Type 11 Thread Additional Information