Au-ve-co® 14389 Self-Bonding Linerless Tape, 0.03 in Thick, 3/4 in W, 15 ft L, Rubber Backing

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Replace heat shrink tubing with a safe, tight, long-lasting seal that withstands temperature extremes from -50 to 300 deg F. No heat guns or open flames needed. No paper liner to mess with. It is stretched when applied and retains its elasticity to ensure a tight seal at all points. The tape is unaffected by salt spray and common automotive fluids. As long as it is stretched when it is applied, it will not unravel after application due to its self-bonding characteristics.
Au-ve-co® Self-Bonding Linerless Tape, 0.03 in Thickness, 3/4 in Width, 15 ft Length, Rubber Backing, -50 to 300 deg F