Au-ve-co® Ultragrip Interlock® 17423 Dome Head High Strength Rivet, 9/16 in L, 1/4 in Dia, 5/64 to 3/8 in Grip, Aluminum

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High strength Interlock® rivets feature a positive mechanical locking system that provides superior holding power. This system also guarantees 100% mandrel retention that's visually verifiable. Can be set with Auveco rivet gun 11817.
Au-ve-co® Ultragrip Interlock® Dome Head High Strength Rivet, 9/16 in Length, 1/4 in Diameter, 5/64 to 3/8 in Grip Range, 1/2 in Diameter Head, Aluminum, Aluminum Mandrel, For Use With Auveco 11817 Rivet Gun Additional Information