Au-ve-co® 17465 Fusible Link Wire, 12 ga Conductor, 9 in L

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A fusible link is a special section of low tension cable installed by an OEM and designed to open a circuit when subjected to extreme current overload. Its purpose is to minimize wiring system damage when such an overload accidentally occurs in those circuits protected by the fusible link. A short circuit causes the fusible link to act as an element in a "slow-blow" fuse. A fusible link is not intended to be used in place of a fuse but only where a fuse cannot be economically employed. Our fusible line wire meets the requirements of SE J-156 and the insulation has the characteristics as listed for EAE, SE J-1128 Type SXL. The vehicle manufacturer should be consulted about questions on fusible link length and size. General practice has been for a fusible link to be 4 ga smaller than the circuit wire. Example: if the circuit wire is 12 ga, use a 16 ga fusible link. Final determination should be based on O.E.M. application.
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