Au-ve-co® 17566 Flange Bolt, 1/2-13 Thread, Coarse Thread, 1-1/4 in OAL, Hex Head, Oil/Phosphate-Coated

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Au-ve-co® flange bolts and locknuts form a strong and dependable fastening system that substantially cuts truck assembly, maintenance and repair costs. The flange bolts are made to IFI 111 industry standard specifications. When flange bolts are used in conjunction with the flange locknuts they form a 150000 psi tensile strength fastening system equivalent to SAE J429, grade 8 industry standard specification. Flat washers and lock washers are not needed with the flange bolts. Our flange fastening system also reduces the need for costly hole preparations such as deburring and countersinking.
Au-ve-co® Flange Bolt, 1/2-13 Thread, Coarse Thread, 1-1/4 in Thread Length, 1-1/4 in Overall Length, Hex Head, 0.49 in, 0.51 in Head, 150000 psi Tensile Strength, Oil/Phosphate-Coated, 0.736 in, 0.75 in AF, 1.031 in, 1.07 in Dia Flange Additional Information