House of Kolor C2C-KBC-01 Brandywine Kandy Shimrin Basecoat Coast-to-Coast Compliant KBC01

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** Coast-To-Coast Compliant** Kandy Base Coats are a mixture of Kandy and select Pearls into a Shimrin® Universal Base Coat that mimics a Kandy finish. They feature low build, fewer coats, are easy to apply, and touch ups are easier than ever. Available in the same great 20 colors as our regular Kandys. Due to their unique chemistry make-up, they may be top coated with either acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel. Once a system is chosen (acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel) use only products within that system. Intermixing of these two systems, after the base coat, is not recommended


For Mixing/Spraying Instructions and other useful information see the Technical Datasheet PDF:

 KBCxx Technical Data Sheet


For MSDS Safety Documents Please visit:

House of Kolor's Documentation Page