Evercoat Plastik Honey Filler Thinner - 1 Pint - 1249

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Plastik honey is an auto-body filler thinner formulated to thin and enhance traditional polyester body fillers and polyester glazing putties. It can be added to Evercoat professional-grade fillers and putties, as well as all competitive fillers and putties. Add a small quantity of Plastik honey to the filler (prior to adding hardener) and continue to increase the amount until desired smoothness is achieved.

EVERCOAT® Filler Thinner, 1 pt Net Content, Liquid Form, Pungent Odor/Scent, Composition: Premium Stain-Free, Clog-Free Resin, 914 deg F, Density: 1.14, 3.1 lb/gal VOC