Evercoat Lite-Weight Body Filler

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Size: 750ml (quart)

750ml (quart)
3 Liter (Gallon)
3 Gallon Pail
5 Gallon Pail
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Our #1 selling, high-quality, clog-free, lightweight body filler is a great value with its smooth spreading, easy-sanding features. Non-clog formula adds greater value in sandpaper savings. Blue cream hardener included.

EVERCOAT® Lite-Weight® Body Filler, 750 mL Net Content, Paste Form, Gray, Aromatic Odor/Scent, Composition: Talc (Hydrous Magnesium Silicate), Styrene, Magnesite, Ground Limestone (Calcium Carbonate), Trade Secret, Titanium Dioxide, 72 deg F, Density: 9.34, 1.25 Specific Gravity, 0.17 VOC, Applicable Materials: Aluminum, Cold Rolled Steel, Fiberglass, Galvanized Steel and SMC

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750ml (quart), 3 Liter (Gallon), 3 Gallon Pail, 5 Gallon Pail