Evercoat 382 Z-Grip Optex Gallon

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Take the guess work out of the curing process with Evercoat’s color-changing technology!

Z-Grip® OPTEX® is an advanced clog-free, lightweight body filler with patented OPTEX Color-Changing Technology. There’s no second guessing; once mixed with cream hardener, OPTEX changes from pink to green, letting the body shop technician know that the repair is properly catalyzed and ready to sand. Properly catalyzed body filler and putty means a better repair with less redo’s, saving body shops time and money. With Evercoat’s OPTEX line of products: Green Means Go!™

Approved substrates include Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum, SMC, Galvanizes Steel, and Fiberglass.

Color-Changing Technology
Easy Sanding
Non-clog formula
Smooth Spreading
Technical Data

Applies as a smooth light pink paste
Sets in 5 – 6 minutes
Sand Time 20 minutes
Max Recommended Thickness once sanded is ¼”
1 gallon