Evercoat Poly-Flex Flexible Glazing Putty for Spot/Skim Coats - Gray, 880mL Pumptainer

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A flexible polyester glazing putty designed for spot filling and skim coating over repair areas on flexible bumpers and plastic parts. Its flowable viscosity is ideal for filling minor imperfections such as sand scratches, nicks, dings and gouges. Poly-Flex™ may also be used to skim coat over repair areas or large surface areas that have the original paint still intact. Blue cream hardener included.

EVERCOAT® Poly-Flex™ Flexible Polyester Glazing Putty, 880 mL Net Content, Pumptainer Container, Flowable Liquid Form, Gray, Aromatic Odor/Scent, Composition: Talc (Hydrous Magnesium Silicate), Styrene, Magnesite, Soda Lime Borosilicate Glass, Trade Secret, Benzenamine, N,N,4-Trimethyl, Titanium Dioxide, 72 deg F, 1.18 Specific Gravity, 199 g/L, 52 g/L VOC, Applicable Materials: Flexible Plastics, Galvanized Steel, Most Rigid to Semi-Rigid Plastics and Steel