Evercoat 6022 Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer - 200mL Cartridge

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EVERCOAT® #6022 Heavy-Bodied Seam Sealer is a two-component epoxy seam sealer used to duplicate a variety of OEM seams. This non-sag seam sealer has excellent tooling characteristics and it is compatible with most topcoats.

EVERCOAT® Heavy Bodied Seam Sealer, 200 mL Net Content, Cartridge Container, Composition: 2, 4, 6-Tris[(Dimethylamino) Methyl] Phenol, Bis[(Dimethylamino)Methyl] Phenol, Paste Form, Beige, Aromatic Odor/Scent, 30 min Application Time, 4 hr Curing Time, 0.47 g/L VOC, 72 deg F, 32 deg C Boiling Range