Evercoat Glass-Lite Short Strand Reinforced Body Filler

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Glass-LITE™ is a unique reinforced, lightweight filler which offers all of the benefits of typical short strand fiber-reinforced fillers. Extremely easy-sanding and easy spreading. Apply to bare steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, plaster, concrete, masonry and wood. Ideal for non-structural repairs. Blue cream hardener included.

EVERCOAT® Glass-LITE™ Lightweight Short Strand Reinforced Body Filler, 3.78 mL Net Content, Fibrous Paste Form, Green, Aromatic Odor/Scent, Composition: Talc (Hydrous Magnesium Silicate), Styrene, Magnesite, Synthetic Amorphous Silica, Man Made Glass Fiber, Trade Secret, 72 deg F, Density: 11.8, Applicable Materials: Aluminum, Fiberglass, Galvanized Steel, Most Rigid Plastics, SMC and Steel