Evercoat 4:1 Catalyst - Polyester Primer Catalyst - Epoxy-Enriched - 32 Fl Oz - 733

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4:1 Polyester Primer Catalyst is a patented, epoxy-enriched catalyst that provides unsurpassed performance when mixed with Evercoat’s line of 4:1 polyester primer surfacers. It provides end-users with an easier mix ratio than conventional polyester primers and provides a more uniform mix. Since 1953 Evercoat has recognized the need for high-quality primers and fillers for the automotive aftermarket and began producing other products designed for automotive body repair. Over the years, Evercoat has invested heavily in technology and developed many leading products on the market. We have been first in producing high-build polyester primers, stain-free body fillers, glazing putties, lightweight pourable glazing putties, unique packaging, and time-saving body repair SOPs. We have a wide range of additional products for the domestic and global body repair industry, including adhesives, spray fillers, plastic repair, and ancillary products. Now we lead the industry in the use of “green” technology. Because of our commitment to quality, our unique formulations, and our time-saving SOPs, Evercoat is the number one preferred putty and filler brand in North America. We hold a leading market position in many developed and emerging markets.