Evercoat 828 Multi-Purpose Repair Panel 12"x12" Aluminum - 4 Pack

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MAXIM™ multi-purpose repair panels are pressure sensitive, self-adhering vibration dampening panels used to eliminate squeaks, rattles, noises and vibrations. They have excellent adhesion to many difficult to bond substrates such as oily cold rolled steel, automotive E-coat, primers, pre-painted and top-coated surfaces and many plastics including polypropylene. These repair panels provide excellent corrosion resistance. The aluminum foil constraining layer and specially formulated viscoelastic polymer layer combine to give effective vibrating dampening over a wide temperature range.

EVERCOAT® Multi-Purpose Repair Panel, Aluminum, 12 in L x 12 in W, Specifications: 1.53 Specific Gravity, FMVSS 302 Flammability, 6.5 to 9 Hardness