Evercoat 887 Maxim Urethane Adhesive 250mL Cartridge

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Maxim™ fast urethane adhesive is a urethane repair material used for non-structural repairs on all plastics, fiberglass and SMC. It is an excellent urethane adhesive for bonding bumper brackets, backing strips, broken SMC/fiberglass pieces and other broken plastic pieces. It is the ideal product when a fast cure time is required (i.e. Backside of a two-sided repair).

EVERCOAT® Maxim™ Urethane Adhesive, 250 mL Net Content, Cartridge Container, Black/Opaque, 20 to 30 min Application Time, 1 hr Curing Time, Applicable Materials: Fiberglass, Plastic, SMC, 72 deg F