HUD19 All Purpose Citrus Cleaner Aerosol 18Oz.

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An excellent non-acid, non-corrosive cleaner that is designed to destroy grease build up while controlling slime and odor. Below are a few of the many jobs where excellent results will be obtained: removing decals; oven and grill cleaner; laundry pre-spotter, removing lipstick and make-up from clothing; removing stains & spots from carpet & upholstery; cleaning and degreasing hard inanimate surfaces.

• Water-based

• Fast-acting, all purpose cleaner/degreaser

• Excellent stainless steel cleaner

• Excellent for industrial applications


• Remove protective cap and direct spray toward surface to be cleaned. Always hold container upright.

• Apply liberally to surface to be cleaned, and allow to stand for 30 seconds and wipe with a cloth or sponge.

• When cleaning fabrics, always test in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness.