House of Kolor KK-19-8z Scarlett Kandy Koncentrates KK19 **Discontinued**

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Kandy Koncentrates (KK) are innovative products that help House of Kolor continue to be market leaders, and now are a great way to tint our next generation Shimrin2 products like S2-00 Trans Nebulae, S2-SG100 Intercoat, and UKK01 Urethane Kandy Karrier. • Strengthen Kandy Basecoats for faster coverage on frames, door jambs, under trunk and hood areas, etc. • Great for small motorcycle parts or jobs that need to be finished quickly

  • Always use S2-00 Trans Nebulae or S2-SG100 Intercoat before any artwork is applied. See tech sheets for more information. • A catalyzed clear coat will not stop color bleed/leaching, but multiple applications of clear (2 or more with proper flash time) will help reduce it. Do individual testing. • Kandy Koncentrates (KK) must be intermixed with other House of Kolor products and cannot be applied as packaged. See appropriate tech sheets for more information. • The KK products that have a tendency to bleed are: KK03, KK05, KK06, KK10, and KK13. • Do not store uncatalyzed UKK01/KK blends for more than 24 hours. Seeding will occur if mixture sits longer then 12 hours KEY INFORMATION ABOUT KK18 KANDY PINK • KK18 Kandy Koncentrate Pink has limited light fastness and should only be used on products that have limited exposure to sunlight. Use with discretion. KK18 is recommended for show vehicles.

For Mixing/Spraying Instructions and other useful information see the Technical Datasheet PDF:

 KK Technical Data Sheet


For MSDS Safety Documents Please visit:

House of Kolor's Documentation Page