Devilbiss Ultipmate 3-gun kit with DV1 Basecoat gun and Tekna Clear and Primer Guns

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The Ultimate Professional Painter's Kit

TEKNA Clearcoat: Improved spray pattern for even material distribution. Suitable for all types of clearcoats.
TEKNA Primer: Provides large spray patterns and even material distribution. Includes PR10 & PR30 air caps and 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.5 mm tips.
DV1 Basecoat: A fluid tip design enabling painters to tackle a broad range of coating types and flow rates in all climatic conditions. Featured integrated digital gauge.
Kit Includes:

TEKNA® Clearcoat gun with multiple air caps and fluid tips
TEKNA® Primer gun with multiple air caps and fluid tips
DV1 Basecoat gun with fluid tip and needle sets
DGi Pro Pod Digital Gauge kit
900cc Aluminum cup
Gun cleaning kit and gun wrench
DeKups 24oz sample kit:
(2) DPC-43 Adaptor
(2) 24oz 125 Micron Disc Filter
(2) 24oz 200 Micron Disc Filter
(1) 24oz Reusable Frame and Lids
(4) 24oz Disposable Liners and Lids
(2) 300 Micron Barrel Filter
(1) Plug
(1) 24oz Universal Measuring Guide
(1) Disposable Funnel
Includes a personalized plaque with your name, "Made especially for First Last Name by DeVilbiss" (an order form is included in each kit)