House of Kolor RU-301 Low VOC Warm Weather Reducer

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Size: Quart

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Note: At this time we only carry quarts of this product due to limited demand. Please email us for Gallon orders. 

House of Kolor Kosmic Reducers are the only reducers we recommend for use with our House of Kolor® System. These products include RU310 Fast Dry, RU311 Medium Dry, RU312 Slow Dry, RU313 Very Slow Dry and RU300 VOC exempt (Fast to Medium). See the Temp Chart below to help you decide which RU product to order.

For Mixing/Spraying Instructions and other useful information see the Technical Datasheet PDF:

 RU Reducer Temperature Guide


For MSDS Safety Documents Please visit:

House of Kolor's Documentation Page