House of Kolor S2-SG-100 Shimrin2 Intercoat Clearcoat S2SG100 S2-SG100 C2C-SG100 C2CSG100

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Shimrin2® is the next generation of the proven, ground-breaking Shimrin® Basecoat technology introduced by House of Kolor in 1982. Through new polymers and innovative chemistry House of Kolor is able to meet and exceed waterborne with a solvent-based system, allowing you the painter to create hundreds of exciting, easy to mix and use kolorsnfrom the latest pearl technology. Shimrin2® basecoats are ultra-productive, easy to apply, and range from Metallic Basecoats (BC), Pearl Basecoats (PBC), and Kandy Basecoats (KBC). Shimrin2® Basecoats are a three component system consisting of our very own S2 FX Karrier Bases, S2-FX Effect Pacs and RU Series Kosmic reducers. This New System is the future of kustom painting available now, compliant through out the USA, including California.

S2-SG100 Intercoat is an important tool for the custom painter. It is designed to be applied over a given base color, prior to taped art work or air brush art. This allows for easy removal of mis-tapes or air brush errors without damage to base color. We recommend KC20 as the only clean up solvent. The intercoat is also applied over art work to preserve blending and fogging of various colors before applying kandy or klear topcoats. S2-SG100 is a safety layer, allowing you to pause and continue your project later. S2-SG100 is not a build up klear or a top coat klear. Limit applied coats to 4, however, if used as a carrier for base coat kandys. Used as a carrier for pearls or flakes when reduction from standard 2:1 goes to 1:1, more coats are acceptable. S2-SG100 is also used to reduce strength of base coats for blending colors or for checking touch ups before top coat klears are applied. Considered a must over Marblizer® before kandy or klear to guarantee adhesion. S2-SG100 Intercoat, as you can see, is an important workhorse for the painter!

House of Kolor Shimrin2 Basecoat system is an intermix system composed of Effect packs, Karrier bases, Urethane Kandys and Kandy Basecoats

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For Mixing/Spraying Instructions and other useful information see the Technical Datasheet PDF:

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