SEM World Class 2.1 VOC Medium Activator for World Class Production Clearcoat 5026

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World Class 2.1 VOC Production Clearcoat is a 2.1 VOC two component, full cure urethane clearcoat for collision facilities in regulated areas. 24 Month Warranty provided directly through SEM Great product at mid-grade price 2 Coat application Excellent vertical hold Firm after bake Easy to buff Excellent UV protection ACTIVATORS: Part: Product Name: For: 50254, 50256 2.1 VOC Fast Activator Small parts, 1-2 panels. Larger jobs from 55°F (13°C) 50264, 50266 2.1 VOC Medium Activator 2-3 panels. Larger jobs from 65°F (18°C) 50274, 50276 2.1 VOC Slow Activator 3-5 panels. Larger jobs from 75°F (23°C) ADDITIVES: Part: Product Name: For: 50918 Accelerator Reducing cure to handle times by up to 25% 50928 Extender Extending pot life in hot and/or humid conditions

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