SprayMax Fillon Pneumatic Fill-One Aerosol Filling Machine SPM.990263

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FillClean System
FillClean is a professional filling system for
cleaning-free filling of spray paint cans with
the original colour tone. The can cap acts
as a filling cylinder and shows the colour
tone that has been filled into the can.

FillClean: The unique
filling technology
The patented and proven FillClean filling
technology allows cleaning-free filling of
FillClean spray paint cans. The core piece
of the system is the pneumatic FillClean filling device.
This filling technology functions in combination with the filling device and the FillClean cans that are prefilled in the factory in
compliance with the respective paint systems of the paint manufacturers.
• 1K FillClean for water-based paints
• 1K FillClean for solvent-based paints
• 2K FillClean for Medium Solid top coats
• 2K FillClean for High Solid top coats

The FillClean cans that are prefilled with
specific propellants and solvents are filled
using the FillClean filling device and the
mixed original colour tone. The colour tone
usually originates from a stationary mixing
bench or was provided via a mobile mixing

FillClean system technology actively supports the
• Paint industry
• Paint dealers
• Processers
in their efforts to use more solvent-reduced
and water-based paint systems. This applies to both the automotive field of cars
and commercial vehicles, and also industrial and trade applications. Everything connected to spot

Technical data

Diameter: 5.2’’
Height: 14.4’’
Weight: 8.7 lbs.
Pressure 100-130psi
Filling cylinder 100ml/3.3fl.oz

FillClean machine
FillClean filling cylinder for SprayMax FillClean aerosols
Air tube
Instruction for use