Vacula Voltcheck with Free CD and Hat 82-0000

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The Volt Check DC is a test instrument that indicates and finds open circuits by tracing powered or nonpowered wires in cars, trucks or other vehicles. It consists of two units: transmitter & receiver. The transmitter is connected to the vehicle battery and generates a mild signal. The receiver is held against the wire that is being checked and lights up when it picks up the signal from the transmitter if it is connected to the battery on the tested vehicle. The transmitter can also be connected to wires that are not live. It then generates a signal using built-in power supply. Volt Check is also a DC voltmeter, 'VAC82-0000 Tester Electrical Volt Check

A real time saver to diagnose electrical problems
Detects components in a powered system connected to vehicle battery
Finds wire and components in a non-powered circuit using the transmitters internal batteries
Locates opens in circuits and measures resistance
Measures DC Voltage, Ohms and is a Continuity Tester