House of Kolor Kameleon Lines

Kameleon Kolor is a revolutionary base coat that actually changes color depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Kameleon Kolor undergoes broad color changes, for example, from a medium green to a deep purple or from a bright gold to a luminous silver. The Kameleon Kolor base coat can appear to be different colors to people viewing the exact same area of the car from different angles. Rounded, curved surfaces and sharp angles will highlight the uniqueness of Kameleon Kolor. Kameleon Kolor base coats are easy to apply as our SHIMRIN_ Designer Pearl base coat. Kameleon Kolor base coats must be top coated with either urethane enamel or acrylic lacquer.


Kameleon Opals represent some of the latest advancements in pearlescent technology allowing radical color shift from different viewing angles when sprayed over black and darker colors. These colors can also provide an opalescent effect when sprayed over white and lighter colors. These products are available as easy dispersing powders that can be added to clears, pearl base coats, and Marblizer® to create dazzling effects and exciting new colors